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A. Michelsen Sterling Sølv med Emalje Månedske nr.12 designet af Paul René Gauguin


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A. Michelsen Sterling Sølv med Emalje Månedske nr.12 designet af Paul René Gauguin. Måler 15,5 cm

A. Michelsen

of Copenhagen, Denmark,established in 1841 – Crown Jewellers and creators of the ”The Christmas Spoon” since 1910 has created a collection of 12 spoons of the month in the best tradition of traditional Danish handicraft. The spoons, one for each month of the year, have been designed by Paul René Gauguin with the corresponding symbols: gems, flowers, zodia,signs and colors of age old astrological lore. Each design is made in limited quantities, which make them that more attractive for the true spoon collector.

Paul René Gauguin.

Grandson of the french painter Paul Gaguin and his danish wife Mette Gad was brought up in Norway and France. Self-taught as an artist, he has made himself known as an outstanding graphic artist, and he has executed decorative work, especially in ships, and stage sets. He has taken part in group exhibitions all over the world, has has one-man shows in many countries and is represented by works in important museums. He has created his own world with No similarity to his grandfather's. Paul René Gauguin is a modern painter and sculptor of rare talent. Even without that celebrated name his work would be recognized everywhere for its artistic originality.

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